Making Potassium Bicarbonate Easier to Take

Q I have had 2 bottles of your potassium bicarbonate for quite a while, but my stomach cramps up when I take them (on an empty stomach), so I have not been consistent. I am 50, very athletic, 110 1bs, 5’1” but I have full blown osteoporosis. I have severe leakage of calcium in my urine. Currently I take 10 mEq (sustained release) prescription potassium plus an extra 99 mg, as needed.

I am on a low-carb, good (80 g) protein diet and I do not take osteoporosis meds. Your website says to take your product with meals, but the bottle says empty stomach with warm water. Which is the best and how many should I take? I love the idea of this product, and want to be able to take it! Also, can it replace the Rx potassium I take (in your opinion)?

KATHERINE, Gardnerville, NV

A Since the time of your purchase, we have discovered that potassium bicarbonate may be taken with meals, and that makes it a lot easier. We have received many reports of how difficult it is to take on an empty stomach, but when the same people switch over to taking the supplement with meals, the complaints have disappeared. (See “Potassium Taken with Meals” in the February 2010 issue in the “Ask Life Enhancement” section.) We recommend 2–3 caps, 2 to 4 times daily.

We are not permitted to offer medical advice. Please work with your physician on any meds you may be taking and show her (or him) the articles that we have published on potassium bicarbonate (see, for example, “Potassium Bicarbonate Supplementation” in the April 2009 issue).

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