Praise and Advice for Potassium

Q I just want to say thank you for your potassium product! It is a great product and fills a need I have been trying to supply for years, only to find nothing more than extremely low dose products such as in the 10 mg range, which is virtually nothing. I hope you do not discontinue this product due to the potential of low sales. The general public has been unnecessarily, and likely unwittingly, inundated with scare talk regarding the element of potassium for decades, and therefore is likely hesitate to “take a chance” with it, when for the most part there is no need for concern, as you have so adequately explained.

The one recommendation I would give for those considering it, primarily those who are older, as am I at 61, and who might also have weak digestive function, is to start out with just one, or even half a capsule, on top of food, and with a glass of water. Continue at this level for a week or two, and then very gradually increase incrementally to the recommended or desired dose. I experienced considerable indigestion at first until I backed off on the dosage as described and also started taking roughly 250 to 750 mg of HCl with pepsin to aid my digestive processes, as recommend by Dr. Jonathan Wright in his very revealing book, Why Stomach Acid is Good for You.

Thanks so much! I have definitely noticed a benefit from taking this product! Please do not discontinue providing it!

Lance, Jacksonville, FL

A Since we changed our instruction to take our potassium product with meals, we have had very little negative feedback. But if there are others out there who have experienced the difficulties that you describe, your e-mail will undoubtedly be helpful. Thank you.

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