Shelf Life of WOW

Q What is the shelf life of your WOW drink mix? I’d like to purchase 14 bottles and want to make sure it will last. I take one serving per day and store it in my finished basement. Not damp.

PENNY, Rochester Hills, MI

A Each bottle of WOW contains 74 servings so 14 bottles would provide 1,036 servings or about 3 years worth. Typically we suggest the shelf life is likely to be two years if unopened and one year if opened, provided that it is kept in a cool, dark place under normal humidity conditions, especially for our sugar-free versions (see BLAST II, a different flavor of the WOW formulation). Hawaii and Florida curtail shelf life significantly. However, WOW is sweetened with fructose which tends to be more hygroscopic (water absorbent), so it has a shortened shelf life.

If Rochester Hills has any humidity at any time of the year, and it is close to lots of water (i.e., the Great Lakes), that could be a problem. We recommend that you buy fewer bottles at a time to be on the safe side.

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