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All answers found in “Biomedical Fast Takes,” from the January 2011 Issue

Conserve Fat-Burning Power
Elevate Peak Power
The Right Side of the Margin
Enhance NO Power
Raise Antiinflammatory and Antioxidant Activities
Amyloid Plaque Fighting Synergy
Help Manage Cataracts


4. N-Acetylcarnosine can help you to manage _____. Hint: A clouding of the lens which starts with the name of your feline friend’s generic name.
6. In terms of protecting our health and being pro-active in increasing our longevity, knowledge is _______. Hint: Rhymes with sour, but is anything but that!.
12. Abbreviation for Huntington’s disease. You don’t need a hint.
13. Galantamine reduces time spent in an _____ by 2.34 and 2.21 months comparatively. Hint: a place where you don’t want to end up.
14. Resveratrol’s ability to activate the PGC-1α signaling pathway is an effective strategy for treating the __________ impairments in BAT in HD and may prove to have additional benefits. Hint: the bodily mechanism in which one chemical is transformed through a series of steps.
17. HD is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by progressive motor and __________ impairment.
18. Melatonin and resveratrol are better together, offering amyloid ______ fighting synergy. Hint: Rhymes with tack, but is much more sinister.


1. Without question, aging affects eyes through accumulated oxidative ____. Rhymes with dress.
2. Brown adipose tissue. Clue: Abbreviation for this scientific description for a certain type of fat. Hint:This flying black creature is seen as a Halloween symbol.
3. When SIRT1, a mammalian sirtuin, is activated by resveratrol, it extended _________ and increased neuronal survival results. Hint: a word for long life.
5. Mastic’s effectiveness is due to its ability to raise antiinflammatory and __________ activities. Hint: A chemical compound or substance that inhibits oxidation.
7. A new analysis assessed the long-term clinical and economic implications of _______ in the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in Germany. Hint: an inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase used in the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.
8. __________ has been reported to activate sirtuins, which have been found to regulate important biologic processes including transcription, cell survival, and metabolism. Hint: If you look at the word quickly, you might think it is “reverse” except that this one has four syllables.
9. Resveratrol’s activation of PGC-1α helps treat metabolic impairments in brown _________ tissue caused by Huntington’s disease. Hint: an excess of this that contributes to health problems.
10. A central cause of the decreased bioactivity of _____ _____ (NO) in cardiovascular diseases is the uncoupling of endothelial NO synthase (eNOS). Hint: Two words, the second of which starts with “ox.”
11. _____ gum produced statistically significant results for the inhibition of edema at all doses when compared to the control groups. Hint: Rhymes with plastic.
15. Resveratrol decreased superoxide production and enhanced the inactivation of reactive _____ species.
16. Mastic gum produced statistically significant results for the inhibition of edema at all doses when compared to the _____ groups. Hint: the group of test subjects left untreated or unexposed to some procedure.

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