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Real Life Galantamine and a Sprinkling of Cinnamon

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All answers found in the March 2011 Issue

Real Life Galantamine
Cinnamon Improves Oxygen Transport and Blood Pressure


4. In the 2010 Swedish study, the data showed that there were (positive) differences in regional cortical ___ flow attributed to the use of galantamine. Clue: Rhymes with flood.
8. The address of the social network that hosts a page for Life Enhancement.
11. The endpoint of a study is determined by reaching a maintenance ___. Clue: A specified quantity of a therapeutic or harmful agent.
12. The Panjab University study in 2011 found a valuable role for ___ in that it had a beneficial effect against neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s. Clue: Part of the Indian spice turmeric; first syllable rhymes with sir.
14. Donepezil, rivastigmine, and _______ are clinically used for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Clue: Think of the phrase gallant mime.
16. One of the cognitive functions without which you wouldn’t be able to recall your first love. Clue: A way you hold onto your past: The things you are; what you need to recall your first kiss.
17. It is always important to note the dosage in studies. The amount of galantamine used in the Swedish study of 2010 at the Nobel Prize famed Karolinska Institute ranged from sixteen to __ mg daily. Clue: Found on top of page 19 in the March issue; your bonus answer for working so hard on this!


1. Acronym for activities of daily living. Clue: Obvious but with the lower case s at the end.
2. A U.K. clinical trial reported that a 2 gram serving of __________ taken orally for 12 weeks achieved beneficial effects on glycated hemoglobin and blood pressure in poorly controlled diabetes. Clue: A common brown spice.
3. The short-term benefits from cinnamon use in those with type 2 ______ is evident. Clue: The condition in which the body has difficulty in regulating sugar levels.
5. Studies in which subjects are in a less controlled environment, compared to a more controlled environment, may result in ___ results. Clue: Opposite of the same.
6. The process glycation results in the formation of ___ molecules known as advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). Clue: An unprincipled person, rhymes with vogue.
7. A pair of scientists who are known as the intellectual pioneers of anti-aging research and supplementation. Clue: Authors of many books, including Life Extension; two of our Life Enhancement formulation team.
9. The regional changes associated with galantamine correlated positively with a stabilization of ____. Clue: The results of perception/learning/reasoning; first part rhymes with bog.
10. The difference between galantamine and donepezil or rivastigmine is that galantamine is a natural material and nutritional _____. Clue: Something added to complete or enhance a diet which is often encapsulated.
11. The same U.K. study found that a regimen of cinnamon reduced both systolic and ______ blood pressure in type 2 diabetes. Clue: The bottom number in your blood pressure measurement which starts with D. (The D for “Down” is the way to remember it’s the bottom number in your BP reading.)
13. Glycation takes place when simple sugar molecules (sucrose, fructose) become attached to proteins or lipid ___ without the moderation of an enzyme. Clue: Rhymes with mats.
15. An acronym for advanced glycation endproducts. Clue: Check out clue number 3.

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