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Most answers can be found in the April issue in the Berberine article and the Biomedical Fast Takes

Berberine Goldthread Enhances Memory
Arginine Enhances Exercise Tolerance
Cinnamon for Brains
Resveratrol Cranks Up Cognition in Primates
Carnitine May Boost Brown Fat
Osmolytes for Proper Protein Folding


3. If you have finished this puzzle, and you like discounts, you send this completed puzzle into our office by May 7 and we will give you a ______________.
5. FIndings strongly suggest that carnitine is essential for maintaining the function and structure of BAT, containing the motors of ____________. Clue: the process of fat burning; five syllables; starts with a word that means “heat.”
8. Of all of these sources of berberine, Chinese goldthread has been used for ____ purposes for more than 2500 years in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. Clue: medicine used as an adjective.
9. ______ is found in Chinese goldthread. Clue: The subject of the article on page 4 of the April issue, which is associated with memory enhancement and glucose lowering.
10. The memory molecule, acetylcholine, is a _________ that is crucial for the important memory activities of focus and concentration. Clue: a neurochemical that transmits nerve impulses across a synapse.
11. A recent report found that arginine enhances exercise _________. Clue: A quality of acceptance and non-combative response.
12. Efforts to achieve the ___________ of love are thwarted in both the Rapunzel and Rudabeh stories. Both suitors are denied the heavenly bliss. Clue: endless life.
13. _____ is the name for rampion, a garden vegetable possessing roots that are typically boiled and tender like parsnips. Clue: The name of the golden-haired lass living in the tower of a Grimm’s fairy tale.


1. Berberine is routinely prescribed in Asian countries for its microbial activity in the treatment of ________ infections and diarrhea, and usually used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Clue: The kind of infection found in the gut (stomach).
2. Tel Aviv University scientists identified a natural substance, based upon a water extract of ______, which significantly inhibited the formation of toxic substances to an AD (Alzheimer’s Disease) fly model. Clue: A brown granular spice.
4. Berberine significantly and dose dependently ameliorated ______ deficits, cholinergic dysfunction, and oxidative stress markers in diabetic rats. Clue: referring to the thought functions of our brain.
6. CR (caloric _________) is a method that some health seekers implement when they are trying to stay that way. Clue: a limit.
7. In new research, an Indian study explored findings demonstrating that ______ reduced learning and memory performance. Clue: Faulty sugar metabolism.
9. Cholinesterase is a memory _______ enzyme. Clue: To fall apart; when it happens to your car, you call AAA or a friend to help you; what some of us have heard our parents say to us when we were driving them over the edge. “You’re giving me a nervous ______!”

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