Beta-Glucan-Rich Barley Lowers Cholesterol and Reduces Weight

Q I bought a product 20 years ago from you which I believe was barley flour. Your recipe for hamburgers said to mix some amount in the burger meat to keep it juicy. Which current product does that? It seemed like a flour, but with a course texture. If you still carry it, do you have any tips on how to use this product to improve other recipes? And are there any recipes on your website site? I’m glad to have rediscovered you.

NANCY, Seattle

A It was called Montana High Fiber and it consisted of a special ground barley. Such a product still exists, a beta-glucan-rich special strain of barley and it comes in three forms: flour, flakes, and nuggets. What makes it especially desirable as a food is its ability to lower cholesterol (as is the case with oatmeal, but special barley is far better). Barley can also help with a weight loss program, because when you add barley in whatever form to almost any food, it will lower the glycemic index. “That turns what you eat into time-released food,” say scientists and nutritional formulators Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw. Also, “Our special barley flakes make a great breakfast cereal, either alone or mixed with your favorite grain. And the barley flakes are also a wonderful addition to meat loaf, casseroles, turkey stuffing, and lots of other yummy foods.” Try it mixing it with hamburger meat too, before cooking. Just type “recipes” into the “find articles by keyword” search engine at the home page,, and—voilà!—you will find what you are looking for.

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