Getting the Most from Liquid B12

Q The directions for taking your liquid vitamin B12 is to place 1 eyedropper-full between your cheek and your gum twice daily. Can I put an eyedropper-full in my morning tea or a drink like apple juice?


A Dr. Jonathan Wright’s ProBone-O Drops and ProBone-O Drops Plus, both contain vitamin B12 and folinic acid, with the Plus also containing vitamin K. To optimize on their bioavailability, they are intended to be use in a manner described on the labels, “Put 1 eyedropper-full (1 mL) of ProBone-O Drops between your cheek and gum twice per day. This provides a total of 2 mg each of B12 and folinic acid. For maximal absorption, hold in mouth before swallowing.” If you put it in a beverage you will not derive the optimal benefits.

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