Your Power of Association
Exercise your Synaptic Signals

The answers to this puzzle rest not in your ability to deliver the synonyms, but in your ability to fire accurately with the words that you associate with the clues provided. This is the first puzzle of its genre, so let me know what you think. The material came from the April issue which includes the ads. Have fun and fire those synapses furiously.

— Dr. Joyce

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4. Sugar addict. Clue: Most likely the result of being one
7. Breast cancer walk. Clue: Pink picture
13. Shield. Clue: A product name
14. Heart and Mind. Clue: Check out the Swiss army knife ad
15. Life Enhancement’s driving force. Clue: Page 2 in magazine. Have you read our mission lately?
16. PEGlyated liposomal delivery system. Clue: Check the ads
17. Red wine. Clue: Ah, the benefit contained within
18. Glucose metabolism nutrient. Clue: This one’s from Chinese medicine
19. Neuronal signalers. Clue: Five syllables


1. A Thanksgiving mood creator. Clue: Sleeping after eating turkey
2. Diabetes precursor. Clue: A couch potato’s health issue
3. Biomedical researcher, writer, and publisher
5. Heart. Clue: The kind of doctor you see about such matters
6. Creaky, stubborn joint support nutrient. Clue: “See how she runs along the water’s edge almost effortlessly” ad
8. Supplement users. Clue: Seeing the sunny side of life
9. Disease state. Clue: Marker of cardiovascular disease
10. New sexual height metaphor. Clue: Planes have them too
11. Stockpiling supplements just in case. Clue: Something no one ever really believes will happen to them
12. Seeing is relieving. Clue: Back page ad

Winner of Association Crossword

Please send your completed crossword to us by June 4. The first correct one we receive will receive a prize of a product under $50 retail value for yourself OR sent to someone you care about and who might not buy this on their own. We will include a magazine and appropriate educational literature.

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