InnerPower Wakes Me Earlier; Is There a Solution?

Q My question concerns taking InnerPower before bedtime. Prior to using this product I slept very sound. Since I started taking InnerPower before bed, I wake up after approximately four hours of sleep very alert and wide awake. Have you heard of this from other users? If I included your melatonin at this time would it help or have adverse reaction?

BILL, Littleton, CO

A Our suggestion is to take Serene Tranquility Night with 5-HTP [and with melatonin (there is no conflict)] along with InnerPower before bedtime. We have had similar responses from others over the years (and we have sold this product to a great many people in its various iterations since 1985). So try melatonin (or Serene Tranquility Night) and let us know whether this resolves your issues.

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