Severe Neuropathic Pain

Q For years I have suffered severe neuropathic pain mainly in my feet and hands. Do you have a product that can help?

JOHN, Poplar Bluff, MO

A Unfortunately, we cannot offer medical advice. However, The cause of neuropathic pain can be multifold or idiopathic (without a known cause). First, you need to determine whether the cause is due to lesions or diseases that affect the somatosensory system. Alternatively, the neuropathic pain may be dysesthesia (abnormal sensation) which occurs spontaneously or allodynia (a pain due to a stimulus which does not normally provoke pain). Then again, neuropathic pain may be continuous and/or episodic. If episodic, the pain may be likened to an electric shock. Other qualities may include numbness and itching, burning or coldness, or “pins and needles” sensations. On the other hand is nociceptive pain, which is commonly characterized as an aching feeling.

Start off working with a medical generalist; once you have a better idea of what to target, follow up with a specialist if necessary.

There are over a thousand papers that can be examined in Pubmed (see prior answer), 71 clinical trials, and 122 reviews. In searching for the right medical generalist (or specialist), try to find someone who is research oriented and favorably disposed to supplements.

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