What is the Proper Dose for Vinpocetine?

Q I am in Australia and recently bought vinpocetine. Before that, I did my research and read that the initial dose should be just 2.5 mg, gradually moving to 5 mg with a warning to be careful before doing that. However, in your bottle there are capsules of 10 mg and recommendation to take 4 per day! How is it possible? Please explain.

NATALIE, Canberra, Australia

A Life Enhancement was the first company to market vinpocetine in the U.S., offering it for sale continuously for close to 15 years. Moreover, Life Enhancement has published more than 40 solid secondary-tier articles (citing the primary literature) on vinpocetine, and even translated a number of key scientific papers from Hungarian. The company that developed vinpocetine was Gedeon Richter in Budapest. The serving size of their vinpocetine (called Cavinton Forte) is typically 10 mg taken 2–4 times daily. In fact, they no longer make the 5 mg size; they only offer 10 mg.

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