Love, Fear, and Perspective Taking
The Tryptophan Connection

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3. 5-HTP. Clue: a naturally-occurring amino acid known for its inhibitory and antidepressive effects.
7. Boys given tryptophan were better able to do some ____________ taking. Clue: Stepping back to process a strong emotion through “seeing” rather than only feeling.
11. Appreciation, passion, romance, love, etc. are some of the needs to go along with __________ fulfillment. (Men have these needs as well).
13. In other research, negative moods were found to be associated with a _________ expression of BDNF. Clue: to have made smaller, downgrade, diminish. Also, what happens to prices when merchandise is not selling.
14. In a University of Pavia study, there were significant improvements 3 weeks re: romantic _______ scores.
15. In the Pavia study, 15 young healthy subjects with _________ stress, were given 12.8 mg of 5-HTP along with Vitamin B1 to measure changes in BDNF and serotonin.
16. Restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, loss of concentration, alcohol/food abuse, and depression are among the side effects of __________. Clue: The compound word that is a common theme of popular, classical, and country music.


1. Being abandoned by a love partner, parent, or friend can create a grief experience referred to as _______________. Without intervention the effects can last for several years.
2. “What is love? ’Tis not hereafter … ’tis now, if to be.” Clue: the author of this quote is sometimes known as the “bard.”
4. A _______ psychologist , Dr. Inge Seiffge-Krenke, who has written about coping with stress during different phases of romantic development. Clue: A psychologist who studies phases of development. You may want to Google his work as I did. Very useful information.
5. Unrequited one-way love (and the romantic stress it represents) can often be clinically associated with __________ mood states.
6. Neurotrophins—growth factors that induce neuron survival, development and function—and _________ have been linked to romantic attachment in humans.
8. Acronym for brain-derived neurotrophic factor.
9. In the Pavia study, ________ had higher BDNF levels and platelet serotonin values. Clue: the name scientists often give to the subjects in a study.
10. Ten year old boys were more able to ___________ their level of response in high provocation situations when given 500 mg of tryptophan in a milk shake. Clue: What you do to the television when a loud commercial jars you.
12. Tryptophan helps children in recognition tasks, enabling them to distinguish _____ and happiness expressions. Clue: Rhymes with ear.

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