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Volume 14 No. 3 • June-July 2011

(1) Can Congress Force You to Buy Broccoli?
(2) Is That a Hard Question?

The immense quantity of and the pathetic quality of commentary devoted to politics in certain professional scientific and medical journals can really degrade the value of subscribing to them. Publications emerging from organized medicine and big science are almost entirely run by left-wing zealots whose solution to every societal problem is more government spending and more government rules and regulations. A good example is the commentary published in the Jan. 20, 2011 New England Journal of Medicine on the purported difficulty of deciding whether the federal government has the constitutional authority to force you to buy broccoli: (“Can Congress Make You Buy Broccoli? And Why That’s a Hard Question.”)

It might be a “hard” question to the authors (all JD’s, incidentally), but it is only “hard” to them because they are desperately struggling to find some Constitutional justification for forcing Americans to buy Obamacare. The difficulty for them is that there is no authorization in the Constitution for the feds to require Americans to buy broccoli or anything else, including purported government health plans. But at least these authors are honest liberals who realize that if the government can force you to buy into a health plan, then they can also force you to buy broccoli and feel they must justify the latter (at least to themselves) if they can.

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