Solving the Puzzle
of Accelerated Aging

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3. The biochemical and pharmacological effects of berberine include anticancer, antiviral, and anti-_______. Clue: When I was a kid, a hundred years ago, we used to sing along with a Rockabilly tune by Hugh Barrett named “There’s a fungus among us.” Take it from there!
5. HDL is often called the _____ cholesterol. Clue: Opposite of bad
10. Berberine has received much attention recently owing to its multiple biochemical and pharmacological _______. Clue: Cause and ________ (plural)
12. The Hong Kong study found that niacin alone can improve ED in patients suffering from _______ to severe ED and dyslipidemia. Clue: Average
14. High cholesterol’s clinical term is _______. Clue: Starts with the slang term people use when children or adults are highly active. They say, “Stop being so_________.” Nine syllables (Gulp)!
16. Because of its promise as a supplement that belongs in the armamentarium of Alzheimer’s defense, the fact that it can pass through the blood-brain ______ makes it a particularly multipotent combat agent. Clue: Wall that prevents access


1. Increasing _______ density cholesterol (HDL-C) has become one of the goals for treating hyperlipidemia. Clue: Opposite of low
2. The principal problem from taking statins is muscle _______ clinically known as rhabdomyolysis Clue: Deterioration
4. Spanish physician Gaspar Casal, used the term __________ to describe the clinical manifestations of pellagra. Clue: Four French words that were used to describe this red rash
6. Pellagra is one of the vitamin ______ diseases. Clue: Inadequacy
7. A new Hong Kong University study set out to study the effect of niacin (alone) in patients suffering erectile _______ (ED) and dyslipidemia.
8. Among other benefits, berberine has been found to inhibit lipid peroxidation, thus showing protective effects against LDL, “bad” ________. Clue: Fatty lipid found in the body tissues and blood plasma of vertebrates
9. ________ aging is a new term circulating in the longevity community, referring to the early deteriorization of human organs, tissues and systems. Clue: Think of what happens when you put your foot on the gas petal
11. A growing body of knowledge is amassing that the plant derivative ______ possesses significant potential to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Clue: See article on the anti-Alzheimer’s weapon
13. Statins have been shown to ______ incidents of cardiovascular dysfunction by just 25–40%. Clue: What we promise ourselves to do after our old clothes are too tight for us
15. Niacin is another class of _____ lowering agents, about which research goes back 55 years. Clue: Rhymes with insipid

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