Improving My Wife’s Sleep and the Quality of Rest

T I have used several Life Enhancement products for years, even introducing these great products to my wife. The benefits of taking food supplements and vitamins are sometimes hard to notice as it may take prolonged use over a long period of time to fully notice and realize all the benefits, since they may sometimes be incremental.

However, one of your products in particular had a profound effect on me, as well as surprising my wife. This product is Serene Tranquility Night with Tryptophan. When I introduced this supplement to my wife, she was amazed at how quickly it improved her night’s sleep and the quality of rest, something I had been aware of for quite some time. She now would not do without this product and often remarks to me how well rested and refreshed she feels in the morning after using it at bedtime. Thanks for all of your great products!

GEOFF, Lake Villa, IL

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