Arginine Heals
From Skinned Knees to Surgery to Sepsis

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2. Homer’s Iliad stands out in the Western epic literature by providing the first thorough description of the damage and treatment of inflicted ______.
Clue: Injuries
6. Arginine is the one amino acid that truly helps the integrity of __________ tissues. Clue: Injured
7. A splitting open or separation of the layers of a surgical wound is called a ________. Clue: No easy clue so check the first part of the article for this useful medical term
8. The medical term for a closed wound is ___. Clue: Sounds something like confusion but hurts more
10. Pearson and Shaw’s arginine formulation contains several allied _____. Clue: Sources of nourishment
12. ________ inhibit the biosynthesis of CoQ10 and supplementation is a way of handling this undesirable consequence. Clue: A prescription for high cholesterol
13. Pearson and Shaw’s arginine formulations contain folic acid, vitamin B12 and B6 for more cardiovascular __________. Clue: Armor


1. Hematomas is the medical word for blood ______. Clue: Rhymes with rumor but can be much more serious
3. Medical word for abrasions. Clue: Something a cow does in the field
4. A very recent study found that growth hormone-releasing hormone, induced by arginine, has a ________ involvement in wound healing. Clue: Straightaway
5. Negative pressure wound therapy combined with arginine _________ was effective in inducing early healing of wound complications. Clue: Application
9. In an animal study, it was demonstrated that impaired ______ subsequent to trauma/hemorrhage can be greatly alleviated by arginine. Clue: Mending
11. In a randomized ______-blind study, healing and immune responses in the elderly were significantly elevated by arginine supplementation. Clue: Rhymes with bubble

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