Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s®
Life Extension NewsTM
Volume 14 No. 4 • September 2011

Is Your Current Body Weight a Threat To Your Health

A database of consumer attitudes toward making modifications in diet and exercise has been included in Porter Novelli’s ConsumerStyles database. Since 2000, the statement—“My current body weight is a threat to my health.”—has been included. In the year 2000, 29% of the total population [represented by the poll] agreed with that statement, with 71% disagreeing or remaining neutral. As the percentage of overweight and obese adults has increased since 2000 (and is still increasing), one might wonder what the latest such poll has reported. Incredibly, in 2010 the responses were identical to those in 2000! (as reported pp. 20–21 in the Apr. 2011 Food Technology)

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