Thank You For Not Smoking
Stopping is one of the most important things you can do

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5. Because _______ is the most frequently reported symptom during smoking cessation, to alleviate it with 5-HTP could help smokers who want to quit. Clue: An “annoying” mood for you, for others
7. When quitting smoking, in about a year, your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke will be _______. Clue: Search the article for this one as you will be surprised at this good news
9. The severity of damage from smoking is dependent on how many ________ you have smoked. Clue: If you’re smart enough to do this puzzle, you don't need one
10. When smoking, the inhaled nicotine causes a release of dopamine and other neurochemicals that flood your brain’s _______ centers. Clue: Rhymes with treasure
12. Smoking causes free-________ damage which increases the risk factor for smoking-related diseases. Clue: Pathogen
14. Another benefit of smoking cessation is an improvement in taste and smell because nerve endings in your mouth and nose begin to_______. Clue: Transform
16. __________ levels are increased by the use of 5-HTP. Clue: A brain transmitter involved in the control of pain perception, the sleep-wake cycle, and mood.
17. 5-HTP produces antidepressant-like effects in mice repeatedly injected with _______. Clue: A poisonous liquid alkaloid found in tobacco leaves


1. The Center for Disease Control claims that more deaths are caused by smoking than from HIV, illegal and legal drug use (alcohol), motor vehicle injury, suicide and _______ combined. Clue: Killing of another person
2. In two studies with rats, 5-HTP was found to significantly reduce overall ________ signs. Clue: You know this one
3. Another smoking-related disease associated with the lungs is _______. Clue: abnormal enlargement of air spaces and tissue destruction
4. Depressed ____ is the is a major predictor of relapse in smoking cessation. Clue: You know this one
6. Smoking “hijacks” the brain’s reward system (mechanisms that motivate you to seek food, water, and sex) _______ driving you to light up again with the same urgency. Clue: “A quick minute”
8. Peripheral vascular disease and _______ are smoking-related diseases. Clue: High blood pressure
11. To sum up, 5-HTP lessens withdrawal-induced somatic signs, through its conversion to _______ and could be a useful adjunctive or primary smoking cessation aid. Clue: This one is so important to know, that I decided to use this clue twice.
13. Another smoking-related disease is pancreatic _________. Clue: the big “C” word
15. On the long list of smoking-related diseases is __________ attack.

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