The Skinny on Resveratrol
A weighty study sheds light on obesity

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1. Among illnesses that obesity practically guarantees are: atherosclerosis, colon cancer, gastrointestinal problems, longevity, diabetes and osteoarthritis. Which one doesn’t belong? Clue: You wouldn’t be doing this, if you don't know this one!
4. To summarize the unexpected results of the human resveratrol study, researchers found that reservatrol increased fat mobilization in obese humans mimicking the effects of ______ restriction. Clue: We count them. Used as an adjective.
5. The men in the study were taking 150 __ for 30 days without changing their diet. Clue: Not the abbreviation, a unit of measurement.
7. Each of us practice self-______ when we research, read, and select what we ingest, including that which harms or heals us. Clue: Healing, treatment.
8. The BMI provides a ____ measure of life expectancy. Clue: Rhymes with tough.
10. In figuring out the amounts of resveratrol used in the studies with ____ and men, it would be approximately 150 mg. Clue: Think of a John Steinbeck novel.
11. At last, thirty human scientific studies on resveratrol are examining its effects on diabetes, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and physical ___________. Clue: Functioning.
13. The 150 mg given to men in the Dutch study was the human equivalent given in the ______ study with mice, which also found caloric restriction benefits without actual caloric restriction. Clue: You have to dig for this one in the article.
14. To determine your own BMI, divide your weight in lbs (e.g., 119 lbs) by the square of your height in inches (e.g., a 5'4" person is 64 inches so multiply 64 by 64 = 4096) Then divide the product into 119 lbs. (119 divided by 4096) and multiply the result by 703. Drop the decimal points or round down to a whole number and the answer is __________. Clue: Write out the number.
15. The ideal _____ for a BMI is between 19–22. Clue: Rhymes with strange.
16. The states of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, S. Carolina, Tennessee, ________, and West Virginia each have a prevalence of over 30% obesity rating. Clue: The Longhorn State.


2. The Netherlands study, as reported in Cell Metabolism, published results showing improvement in men’s metabolism, inflammation, fat deposits in the liver, and _________ levels. Clue: A type of lipid that needs to be monitored as to keep it in check.
3. Compared to controls, the men’s metabolic rates were altered so that they were using and storing calories more like athletes in training rather than like couch ______. Clue: A vegetable you never want to be called, especially with couch before it (plural form).
6. BMI stands for body mass _______. Clue: Guide.
9. The ancient Hippocratic Oath is alleged to be, “First, do no _____” which suggests that all of us can practice this when we say no to unhealthy choices. Clue: Hurt.
11. If you send this puzzle in, completed and correct, faster than anyone else, you will win a ______. Starting in January 2012, if you are among the first five, you will win a coupon worth 15% on your next purchase. Clue: Imagine getting a reward for learning!
12. The Maastricht University (Netherlands) study shows positive effects for supplemental resveratrol in _______ subjects. Clue: An unhealthy weight category that describes nearly 34% of Americans.

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