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New Studies Validate 5-HTP Research and Supplements as Allies in the War Against Obesity

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5. Without conscious effort, __________ reduces caloric intake. Clue: AKA, 5-hydroxytryptophan
7. Serotonin ____________ reduce caloric intake as demonstrated in several new studies. Clue: meaning “coming before” something else, plural
10. Food can be a vehicle for self-_____. Clue: that which alleviates pain, psychological discomfort, and suffering
12. Pearson & Shaw’s weight loss program suggests that a diet in low _______ foods, is necessary in a weight management program. Clue: a word coupled with index
13. Excess body weight, is not only a drag on your energy, but to most people, it represents a ______ self-image. Clue: opposite of positive
14. In cases of serotonin deficiency (which can arise in different ways), there is a tendency to become _____, to sleep poorly, and to overeat. Clue: feeling “down”
15. Increased serotonin ________ appetite. Clue: reduces
16. Dietary supplements that contain molecules which act by controlling feelings of appetite include tryptophan, since it is a precursor of the neurotransmitter _____. Clue: the feel good hormone


1. Phenfluramine (Phen-Fen) raises serotonin levels and is successful for weight loss, however, it damages heart ______ and has been removed from the market. Clue: part of the heart that opens and closes to regulate flow
2. There is widespread acceptance that serotonin is a contributor to feelings of well-being and _______. Clue: feeling “up”
3. 5-HTP can satisfy your appetite, lower BMI, and reduce hip __________. Clue: the distance around something.
4. Biochemical pointers have been identified to help us identify when food satisfaction is reached and are known as satiety ________. Clue: internally secreted compounds
6. Satiety hormones and _________ hormones could be said to exist on opposite ends of the eating behavior spectrum. Clue: what you feel when you say, “I’m starved.”
8. Which is not likely associated to obesity: diabetes, heart disease, longevity, cancer, osteoarthritis?
9. A well governed appetite is the greater part of _____. Clue: freedom
11. Although much is known regarding the interactions among factors that cause overeating, there are many complex interactions among them and no one has really cracked the ______. Clue: rhymes with mode

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