Amazing Strength Progress with Supplements

T I perform a one minute workout every morning. Having plateaued in the number of repetitions of push-ups some time last June, with “regulars” at a maximum of 36, I usually achieved only 32 to 35. My “cheaters” (the kind you do when the sergeant or coach yells, “gimme 20”) had topped out at 42.

Then in late June, I added potassium bicarbonate, choline, and beta alanine to my regimen. The results were astounding. I have now topped out at 59 for the “regulars” and 66 for the “cheaters.” That is an average increase of about 60%! Without taking any steroids I have packed on muscle volume and strength at a faster rate than any time between puberty and 30. And this I’ve achieved at age 77, when every self-respecting old geezer usually succumbs to sarcopenia [the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength associated with aging — Ed.].

Just as amazing: Our property includes part of a pond, which is stocked with Koi, which are pretty valuable fish. Every November it is raided by Merganser ducks, extremely efficient hunters. I’ve tried to keep them away from the near end by tossing rocks at them. I was amazed that this year I suddenly could throw rocks about 50% farther than last November, without any practice in between.

So, it stands to reason that potassium bicarbonate enhances physical performance and strength, but I think that the synergy of all or most of the supplements I am taking is the real cause of my improvements.

OLAF, Penticton, BC, Canada

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