Non-Invasive Scar Removal

Q Is there any way currently known to remove scar tissue?

JANET, Coral Gables, FL

A A good alpha hydroxyl skin care formulation, especially one containing citric, malic, fumaric, lactic, and glycolic acids, can minimize the appearance of some scars. Also, from Life Enhancement advisor Don Kleinsek, Ph.D., is a new patent application, “Bioactive Removal of Hypertrophic Scars” (USPA 20110110898).

The abstract reads:

An embodiment of the invention includes methods for the long-term augmentation and/or repair of skin defects (scars, skin laxness, skin thinning, and skin augmentation), cellulite, breast tissue, wounds and burns, urological and gastroesophageal sphincter structures, hernias, perio­dontal disease and disorders, tendon and ligament tears and baldness, by the injection or direct surgical placement/implantation of autologous cultured cells and/or cultured cell-produced extracellular matrix that is derived from connective tissue, dermis, fascia, lamina propria, stroma, adipose tissue, muscle, tendon, ligament or the hair follicle. The corrective application is done on tissue proximal or within the area of the defect. The method involves retrieving viable cells from the subject, a neonate or human fetus. Alternatively, the corrective application involves the cells placed in a matrix, preferably comprised of autologous extracellular matrix constituents as a three-dimensional structure or as a suspension, prior to placement into a position with respect to the subject’s defect. In a further embodiment, the preferable autologous extracellular matrix constituents are collected from culture and placed in a position with respect to the subject’s defect.

These kinds of stem cell applications are inevitable, especially in the inducible pluripotent arena. Watch for developments, which are sure to come.

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