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1. Induced pluripotent stem cells or _____ are able to differentiate into virtually any type of other cells. Clue: acronym
3. It is known that arginine stimulates the release of growth __________ (GH). Clue: a regulatory substance
9. If you are older, taking arginine will _______ your cardiovascular system. Clue: make stronger
10. Embryonic or _____ stem cells have been placed off limits for the most part by the battle between its proponents. Clue: relating to the navel
12. Arginine can help with angina, atherosclerosis, heart failure, coronary artery disease (CAD), erectile dysfunction, and ______ claudication/peripheral vascular disease. Clue: On and off
13. Imagine growing new tissues and organs such as liver, cartilage, and neural tissues on scaffolding, with your own_____material! Clue: Genes (adjective)
14. When there is a deficiency in the amino acid arginine, various ________ and oxidative processes result, especially in the vascular endothelium. Clue: fiery
15. In an arginine-deprived environment, atherosclerosis proceeds and the battle is lost to _____ disease. Clue: referring to the heart and blood vessels


2. The definition of the word means “a great many, possessing power.” Clue: used in conjunction with a certain type of stem cells
3. Arginine lowered both systolic and diastolic BP, with a stronger ______ effect observed during the day in several of the many studies of arginine supplementation.
4. ______ medicine is the name given to the emerging technology of regrowing new life. Clue: to bring new life
5. The amino acid ______ may play a role in the induction of pluripotent states. Clue: a basic amino acid that is a constituent of most proteins
6. A recent report finds that arginine supplementation appears to have reduced _____ blood pressure, and to have improved exercise efficiency and exercise tolerance in healthy humans. Clue: The top number in numeric reports of blood pressure
7. Surgery or _______ causes growth and repair to accelerate, and under these catabolic conditions arginine becomes conditionally essential, especially with age. Clue: shock
8. Arginine taken prior to smoking or with a high-fat meal prevents the ______ effect of these perturbations on endothelial function, according to at least 4 studies. Clue: harmful
11. Arginine has been found to strongly assist the ____ of growth hormone, which dramatically lessens with age as you get older. Clue: to free up

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