Getting the Most Out of Inner Shampoo

Q How much Inner Shampoo should I use? My hair is short. I’m accustomed to the traditional foaming shampoos and this is a drastic change.

SHARONNE, Chandler, TX

A To use Inner Shampoo properly, first wet your hair thoroughly “brushing” it back with your fingers. Then, put a small amount of Inner Shampoo into the palm of one hand, and mix it with a little water. Rub your hands together and then apply by running your Inner Shampoo-coated palms and fingers back through your hair. Make sure that it saturates your hair by massaging gently (not rigorously). After a few minutes, rinse your hair and then, by running your hands back over your hair, push out the water and the residue shampoo. You should hear your hair squeak, as in squeaky clean. If it doesn’t squeak, you didn’t use enough Inner Shampoo.

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