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Alzheimer’s Worst Enemy

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4. Recent research indicates that galantamine may also serve to prevent hypertension from precipitating ______ dementia (VaD). Clue: Relating to the vessels of the body, especially the arteries and veins, that carry blood and lymphocytes
5. VaD (vascular dementia) is characterized by a progressive cognition decline, ________ ability impairment, and behavioral problems. Clue: Operational
6. Diseases of the _____ may intensify cognitive loss. Clue: The part of the central nervous system enclosed in the cranium
7. The basal forebrain cholinergic system plays an important role in cognitive function, principally when it comes to attention, memory and _______. Clue: Feelings
8. Life needs to be ______ and more than the sum of its parts for it to survive. Clue: Unified
9. Protection of neurons from damage and death is a ______ challenge for neuroscience. Clue: Diligent investigation
10. Some synergies may have a high degree of ________ involving many components. Clue: Any relationship that has many intricacies is said to have this quality
12. Snowdrop and snowflake, the early spring flowers of Bulgaria, are the principal sources of ___________. Clue: Starts with a “g” and has been beneficial for slowing the degeneration of the mind
13. Establishing a relationship between galantamine and a choline precursor that enhances both ACh synthesis/release is something that we (Life Enhancement) have long thought about and finally two primary studies have offered more ____. Clue: Validity
14. Protection of ______ from damage and death is a challenge for neuroscience research. Clue: Impulse-conducting nerve cells
15. ______ occurs when two or more nutrients function together to produce a result that cannot otherwise be independently obtainable. Clue: Combined action


1. ______ is the principal home of the commercial snowdrop and snowflake. Clue: A republic in southeast Europe on the Black Sea
2. __________ is a condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated. Clue: High blood pressure
3. CA has been demonstrated to increase ____ release in the rat hippocampus, while improving memory and attention, as well as affective and somatic symptoms (fatigue, vertigo) in VaD patients. Clue: ACh
8. According to a 2009 Italian study, administration of galantamine or ______ alphoscerate (CA) together induced a wider neuroprotective effect. Clue: Sounds like “bowling”
11. Arterial hypertension is one of the main factors promoting cerebrovascular ______. Clue: Harm

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