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Volume 15 No. 1 • January-February 2012

In response to the shortage of critical drugs, President Barack Obama signed an executive order last month that more than doubles FDA staff devoted to drug shortages ...

(D&S Comment: Whew, what a relief! The answer to the problem, of course, is more meddling (er, involvement) by the FDA.)

... and puts pressure on drugmakers to notify the agency of anticipated supply problems.

(D&S Comment: Wonder what they mean by “pressure.” We hope they don’t forget to include criminal penalties for negligence in failing to produce the needed drugs.)

The [executive] order does not include mandatory reporting.

(D&S comment: What?? They could have created a lot of jobs for unemployed lawyers by including mandatory reporting.)

— the quotes above came from a report in the Nov. 21, 2011 Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), published by the American Chemical Society

Investigation of Solyndra Subsidies Poses Threat to Investments in “Clean” Energy

Another article in the same issue of C&EN complains that the House-led investigation of huge subsidies being handed out to “clean” energy firms like Solyndra will lead to uncertainty in the market for “clean” energy (as in, uncertainty that the public money spigot will remain open and flowing) and, hence, reduce “investment.” The article reports that there has been a sharp drop from 80% of the public who endorsed greater federal spending on clean energy a few years ago to 68% today. Terrible!

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