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4. When taken as a whole, the new study indicates that olfactory learning performance can be a sensitive tool for evaluating deficits in ___ learning in mouse models of DS. Clue: connections among many aspects of the mind

8. During springtime, songbirds benefit from a heightened sense of ____. Clue: one of your senses

10. The author of the quoted lines from As You Like It is_______.

12. The researchers add that “galantamine has therapeutic ___ for improving cognitive abilities.” Clue: likely possibility

14. Our _____ apparatus remains a core means of acquiring sensory knowledge and is connected to detecting noxious elements that could threaten our survival. Clue: smell

15. Despite the considerable _____ impairment in DS, there is currently no treatment for this aspect of the syndrome. Clue: an aspect of the mind

16. The two things that DA and DS have in common are a diminished ___ of cholinergic neurons in the basal forebrain. Clue: numeral


1. The incidence of DS increases with ______ age. Clue: opposite of paternal

2. The positive action of galantamine in the DS-model mice, show that non-olfactory learning deficits in DS are linked to a diminished number of ___ neurons in the basal forebrain. Clue: nerves that are stimulated by acetylcholine

3. Galantamine has been clinically shown to stabilize cognition in patients with ___. Clue: our acronym for Alzheimer’s

5. As the researchers state, “Collectively, our study indicates that olfactory learning can be a ___ tool for evaluating deficits in associative learning in mouse models of DS. Clue: a quality you hope your friends and intimates possess

6. We can reasonably conclude that galantamine has significant therapeutic potential for ___ learning deficits in humans with DS. Clue: lessen

7. Galantamine has therapeutic potential for ___ cognition in DS. Clue: making better

9. Overall, galantamine treatment enabled DS-model mice to reach a performance level comparable with that of ___. Clue: a reference standard experiment using another standard to further objective findings (this is a “good” thing!)

11. In a new study, galantamine was able to improve an important learning faculty of Down _____ mice that employs smell.

13. Patients with DA reveal lesions in the cholinergic ___ of the basal forebrain. Clue: neural cells

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