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Hydrogen Therapy

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2. Hydrogen gas inhalation, in one study, reduced infarct size in the rat model of reperfusion injury in _____attacks. Clue: Our metaphoric organ of love
3. Researchers suggested that hydrogen water prevented the loss of some of cognitive abilities in some ____. Clue: Some people are afraid of them, but researchers love how these animals help them
6. Hydrogen (H2) is reported to have no cytotoxicity, even at high _____. Clue: Intensities
10. Dissolved hydrogen prevented the decline in the proliferation of progenitor neural cells and Impairment of cognitive function in ____ mice. Clue: Some of us say, “I’m _______,” when we are overwhelmed, moving at a fast pace, or, just before taking a drink of Serene Tranquility
12. The authors of this article are the scientists that are generally accepted as the founders of the Life Extension revolution. Their first book, Life Extension: A Practical and Scientific Approach, is considered a seminal work in this field. Their names are Durk Pearson and Sandy ____. Clue: If you don’t know this, you must be a new customer. Welcome, and, it rhymes with paw
13. There are many reports of hydrogen therapy in the literature, with more being ______ at a rapid pace. Clue: Made public
14. Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant, scavenging dangerous radicals but, not radicals that are important as physiological____molecules. Clue: Directing motion


1. ____, ischemia-reperfusion injury (as occurs in heart attacks and strokes), diabetes, stress-induced cognitive impairments, Parkinson’s disease and various aspects of the metabolic syndrome may be beneficially affected by hydrogen therapy. Clue: Artery disease
4. Typical IBS (___ bowel syndrome) symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, and flatus. Clue: Cranky
5. Hydrogen therapy, for the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases, particularly those associated with ROS (reactive oxygen species) and ___, has become a hot research subject. Clue: A state of redness, swelling and heat
7. It may be ____ for IBS patients to consume diets enriched in fermentable carbohydrates (sweets, some fruits and crackers, chips, etc.) Clue: “Don’t do it!”
8. Hydrogen also passes through the blood-brain _____, although most antioxidant compounds cannot do this. Clue: An obstacle
9. Reduction of short-chain, poorly _____ carbohydrates in the diet reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Clue: The breaking down of liquid or solid material for use in the body (past tense)
11. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of ___ that, when severe enough, are categorized as diabetes 2. Clue: Physical signs that communicate disease and distress

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