Bringing Bucks to Rut with MALE

T We have been using MALE for 3 years now to help our bucks (male goats) come into rut when they are out of season. We have been very pleased with the effectiveness of MALE at accomplishing this. We mix MALE into their feed each day and make sure that they eat it. I try to feed them the equivalent of 8 capsules per day, which we buy in loose, bulk form, and mix into their feed. It is much easier than trying to put the capsules down their throat each day!

Let me tell you how I came up with the idea of using MALE to stimulate our bucks. I could see that the bucks were about the same weight as a man (200–250 lbs), I also really liked the formulation of MALE. It had all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are important for reproduction. I could not find the same formulation in any other product, so I decided to try MALE out on an experimental basis on our animals.

The first year, I bought several bottles of the capsules. I broke the capsules open and mixed them into the feed. I started out giving them 5 capsules per day and after daily observation decided to move them up to 8 capsules per day. I have found that to be an effective amount. It takes 3–4 full weeks for MALE to bring the bucks into rut. It has worked every year and it is now time for us to order more for this coming season.

I have found that the taste is somewhat bitter so just using it as a topdress is not effective, as the bucks will just push it out of their feed trough. MALE must be mixed in with molasses or corn oil in the feed so it cannot be separated out and we have to be sure they eat it all. When they do consume the desired amount they will come into full rut and will stay in as long as they are supplemented with MALE. It is a very effective product and we are very happy to be able to get kids born out of season each year.

CHUCK, Porterville, CA

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