ThyroPlex for Men is a Great Deal

T My dad is diabetic, and he has more energy after using ThyroPlex for Men. It’s a great product that’s working really well for him. He started at one capsule per day, and is now up to 3/day. Before he increased his serving size, he wanted to start taking some other glandulars separately, but I told him that since the ThyroPlex has all the extra glandulars he’s looking for, and it’s such a balanced product, that he should just up his serving size to 3 capsules a day.

And I’ve noticed a difference in the addition of extra capsules—he has more energy, and he’s more alert, which is really important. And as you probably know, if you try to get all those other glandulars separately, you’ll be paying at least $150 each month! So this is a great deal.

SHARENA, Roosevelt, NY

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