Sugar XE for Sinus Relief … Phenomenal!

T I’m 64 and I have fought my stupid sinuses for probably 30 years. The pain is just awful and you just can’t function in your head when you have all that pressure. Typically, I use an empty nasal saline-solution bottle that is about 1.5 fl oz, and I fill it up with peroxide. I squirt it up my nose and in my ears.

Well, when I got Sugar XE, I didn’t want to waste the peroxide, so I just mixed a quarter of a teaspoon in with the rest of the peroxide that was left in the bottle. After putting Sugar XE in it, I shook the daylights out of it.

Then I sprayed twice up each nostril, and in each ear. It burned and foamed a little at first, but it provided great relief! Within an hour, the pressure in my head had reduced and within 3 days I felt terrific. I just can’t get over how relieved I was! It cleared out my sinuses and I’m no longer stuffed up—I can’t believe it! I’m going to make sure that I always have this product on hand now and am going to start using it with purified water. The results I got are just phenomenal!

ROMONA, Olivet, MI

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