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We now accept PayPal!

Your checkout process should be as simple and easy as possible. We accept all major credit cards and now we've added the option to use PayPal so you can get your supplements regardless of how you prefer to checkout.

Easy to use — plus every click is faster!

Thanks to newer technologies we can offer you a faster experience with our website. We want you to have the happiest possible experience with Life-Enhancement.com and we designed the new site specifically to be easy to use and responsive to your needs.

New promotional codes!

Now you can use promo codes when you checkout to save on your order! You can take 10% off every order you place by using code "INSIDER"! Give it a try! You can always find discount news on our web specials page. (Note: Volume discounts still apply automatically.)

Magazine Archive

Have you ever wanted to find an article from a back issue of Life Enhancement Magazine? Now you can find every issue in our Magazine Archive section.

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Improved Account System

Our new account system makes it far easier to store your addresses and past orders. Simply log in with your e-mail address and password and you're ready to order. (Note: In order to create a more responsive system for users, you will need to start anew. So please create a new account with the new site, even if you had one on the old site. Among the advantages of your new site is its future-proof quality, meaning that you won't need to do this ever again!)

Ingredient Finder

Do you know what supplements you want but don't remember product names? You can use our new Ingredient Finder to locate the nutritional supplements you need most.

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