Is Microhedrin the Same as Hydrogen Water?

Q I was very interested to read your article on hydrogen therapy, in particular on the use of hydrogen rich water. In this connection I wonder if your are familiar with the work of Dr. Patrick Flanagan who claims to have found the secret of long living people (like the Hunza of Pakistan) in that their drinking water is naturally enriched with hydrogen. He has developed silica-based microclusters and has developed a product called micro­hydrin/megahedrin to achieve the same effect. Your comment on this would be much appreciated.

MAY, Zierikzee, Netherlands

A Check out this link: Even though we don’t agree with everything on the page, there is a lot to be wary of.

Megahydrin: They claim to provide negative hydrogen ions. We could find no claim that their product provides hydrogen gas, something that is entirely different. We couldn’t find an ingredient list or peer reviewed scientific literature references, either. Vive la différence!

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