Stop Smoking–Again
The 101st time is a charm!

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6. A comprehensive 2012 Yale study was designed to investigate galantamine’s actions on ___________ outcomes of smoking cessation. Clue: more than one

11. All first-line pharmacotherapies for nicotine addiction—including nicotine ___________ therapy, bupropion, and varenicline—affect nAChRs. Clue: substitute

12. Because galantamine is a reversible and competitive acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (AChEI), it seems plausible that it may be of benefit in smoking ___________. Clue: the act of stopping

13. Most of the established drugs that promote smoking cessation target nicotinic ___________ receptors (nAChRs). Clue: nervous system compound that functions as a neurotransmitter

14. Yale study smokers reported reduced cravings for cigarettes and showed improved ___________ on the No-Go trials of a Go/No-Go task. Clue: function; carrying out a task

16. The scorching ___________ is that 70 to 90 % of smokers resume smoking within a year of treatment. Clue: no lie!


1. The findings in the study ___________ the potential utility of galantamine as a treatment for smoking cessation. Clue: hold up

2. Overall, the Yale study ___________ some, but not all, of the subjective effects of nicotine. Clue: to make less significant

3. Galantamine treatment (8 mg/day for 4 days) lessened some of the subjective responses to nicotine compared to ___________ treatment in the Yale Study. Clue: metaphorical “sugar pill” in a study

4. A recent journal article finds that cigarette smoking is especially common among individuals with psychiatric ___________. Clue: the presence of one or more diseases and/or disorders, in addition to a primary disease or disorder

5. The Yale study outcomes included withdrawal severity and cognitive performance, as well as ___________ and physiological responses to IV administered nicotine. Clue: personal perspective data

6. “It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.” Who said this? Clue: Huck Finn’s literary father

7. In a 24 week study, the data indicated that ___________ reduced smoking behavior even without any additional specific intervention. Clue: an alkaloid that is obtained synthetically or from the bulbs and flowers of Caucasian snowdrop and used for mild cognitive impairment

8. Tobacco remains the leading cause of ___________ death in the U.S. Clue: stoppable

9. If you are serious about antiaging, and you have succeeded in giving up smoking, what grade you would give yourself for getting through the grueling process of smoking cessation. Clue: Go ahead, you deserve it!

10. In summary, galantamine ___________ cigarette craving and sustained attention function, suggesting that it may have therapeutic value for smoking cessation. Clue: reduces

15. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 nearly 20% of ___________ Americans were smoking tobacco. Clue: not children

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