Knocking Out H. Pylori and Follow Up

T For the past year and a half my stomach has been bothering me. I began taking the mastic about 5 months ago and it did help. However, my regular doctor kept telling me that I still had H. pylori because it kept showing up on my blood tests. But when I went to see my other doctor, I told him about this, and he said that he doesn’t like blood tests for the very reason that they’re not accurate—if you’ve had H. pylori once, your blood tests will always show that you have H. pylori … but the tests may not show that you actually have the antibodies that prevents the H. pylori from doing any dirty work.

I was going to get an endoscopy with this doctor anyway, so he said that while they were in my stomach, he would take a biopsy and test it for H. pylori so that we could see whether or not the bacteria was still active in my body. As it turns out, I do have the antibodies, so I’m no longer affected by the H. pylori!

However, my stomach is still very sensitive from the ruin that the H. pylori did. The mastic did its job and succeeded in making the H. pylori inert, but my stomach lining is not going to feel 100% for months because it’s still so out of balance. My doctor has me on a few things now to help me re-build my stomach. So I thought I’d let you know in case it will help someone else—that just taking a blood test to see if you still have H. pylori after you’ve already had it won’t work—you actually have to get inside the stomach (endoscopy) and do a biopsy. And even then, it takes a long time after the H. pylori is eradicated for the stomach to come back to normal again, especially after you’ve had a bad case. This is what I found out and I gained a lot of knowledge due to my experience. If it happens again, I know which route to take.

RON, Hallendale, FL

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