Managing Consumption of Life Enhancement’s Drink Mixes

Q I have bought InnerPower Plus, FoldRight, Memory Upgrade III, and Hydrogen Power—all drink mixes—and I’m wondering if you have any advice about how to successfully keep to the recommended servings per day? Sometimes I can only manage half. Here’s what I’ve tried to do:

  • Inner Power Plus: 3 times/day or all at once before exercise or bed, in 4-8 oz water
  • FoldRight: 2 times/day in 4-8 oz water
  • Memory Upgrade III: 2-3 times/day in 4-8 oz water
  • Hydrogen Power: 2 times/day (breakfast and dinner)

That’s between 7 drinks and 10 drinks/day. Isn’t that a lot of liquid on top of 8 glasses of water, which are normally suggested to support good health?

I am glad of the concoctions, but I get worried that I can hardly manage all the drinking. Have you any advice?

Can Hydrogen Power be mixed with breakfast fruit and yoghurt, rather than be a drink? And by the way, is Hydrogen Power meant to dissolve in water? The powder stays on top and defies mixing. I have to eat it with a spoon.

And then there is the ShapeShifter Teas. I like to have a coffee mid-morning, too.

Another question: I make a lemon drink first thing. If I washed down any of the capsules, e.g. BLAST, Vit E, as I drank the lemon, would that upset their effects? Or if I drank Memory Upgrade just before coffee, would that upset its effect? Please advise.

NICOLE, Mernda, VIC Australia

A It is always best to start with less than the recommended dose until your body can adjust. Just try taking half the doses for the first couple of weeks.

With regard to InnerPower Plus, each serving contains 2/3 g of choline, so 3 servings (we recommend that you take all at bedtime or before exercise) contain 2 g of choline. For some, this might be enough choline/day. However, we recommend 2–3 g of choline per day, dependent on your individual response. If your muscles don’t overtone (typically recognized by a stiff neck—acetylcholine is the universal neurotransmitter for muscles) you can take a total of 3 g/day from all sources. That would mean, just 1 serving of Memory Upgrade III, preferably in the morning when you start your day. At this point we have 2 total drinks/day.

FoldRight’s 2 servings adds up to 4 drinks/day, and with the Hydrogen Power, we have a total of 6 drinks per/day. If you keep on the low side of the water that you add in, that’s 24 oz/day vs. 96 oz/day (12*8) of water. Since these are nutrient formulations, you could cut down on the water consumption, to the point of satisfaction.

Until we add a wetting agent to Hydrogen Power, for the meanwhile it is best to make a paste first and then add the rest of the water to mix more thoroughly. You can also mix it with yogurt or applesauce if it is easier to take it that way. There is no problem with your lemon drink. For best effects, BLAST should not be taken with food, and the ShapeShifter Teas formulation has low caffeine and can be taken anytime.

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