Antiviral Nutrients

Q I have been told that BHT will inhibit herpes. Also, I have found references that resveratrol and selenium are also valuable. I use coconut oil and olive oil and wonder if putting the BHT in that is effective. Have lately heard that very high doses of vitamin C properly administered if effective.

DAVID, Kaneohe, HI

A With regard to your inquiry, perhaps the best research on antivirals can be found at this address:, where you can obtain a free book on the subject.

The cytotoxic and antiviral properties of resveratrol make it a potential candidate for the clinical control of proliferative as well as viral pathologies, but none have been done to date, as far as we know.1 Selenium, when combined with vitamin E, and CoQ10, has been found to offer positive results on the basis of one clinical trial.2 Vitamin C has been found to have antiviral benefits in a number of clinical studies, but by itself, only with herpes zoster (shingles).3

It is always a good idea to add BHT to your oils to protect them for rancidity.


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