Reducing flatulence while taking Hydrogen Power

Q A month ago, I started using Hydrogen Power. Since then I have suffered from excessive flatulence. Is this normal, or should I perhaps halve the dose?

RIEMKE, Zierikzee, The Netherlands

A It all depends on what you mean by excessive. If you are not experiencing bloating and if you are not uncomfortable, the hydrogen gas produced by Hydrogen Power is likely to take your health to another level.

One alternative to stopping is to reduce your intake to 1⁄2 serving, and then gradually build up again to one full serving. Hydrogen Power contains simethicone, which should help with flatulence, but some people may need more. You can purchase added simethicone from Life Enhancement (call and ask for a price). Then, you can double the amount of simethicone by adding 1⁄8 teaspoon (250 mg) to Hydrogen Power, which already contains 250 mg of simethicone per full serving. That should also help. Please be aware that Hydrogen Power does have this caution: Those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome should not use this product, except under the supervision of their physician.

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