What are the differences in the mastic products?

Q I have wondered about mastic. What are the differences in your Bye-Lori formulations?

MARY, Hopewell Jct, NY

A All three of the Bye-Lori mastic products contain 1,000 mg of mastic gum per serving, including the original which contains only mastic. Mastic gum is a resin obtained from the mastic tree (our mastic is obtained from the island of Chios in Greece; it is considered to be the “one and only”). Bye-Lori II also has St John’s wort, thyme, and cinnamon powder. The Bye-Lori Plus, in addition to the above ingredients, also contains deglycyrrhizinated licorice, aka DGL. The process by which this is made removes the acid from licorice. DGL will not will not cause blood pressure complications; glycyrrhizinated licorice can. The Bye-Lori Plus also contains turmeric.

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