Pu-erh Tea Delays Aging
The Gift that Keeps Giving

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6. Nothing has given support to Pu-erh as an anti-infective and age delayer … until ___. Clue: the present moment

9. A new Chinese study found that Pu-erh tea reversed immunosenescence by restoring the immune deficiency and decreasing _____. Clue: the internal fire of aging (metaphoric)

12. Chinese Traditional Medicine has regarded Pu-erh as a tea with ______ and curative properties. Clue: the kind of wise medicine that stops things before they start

13. The world's most popular beverage is _____. Clue: rhymes with see

15. _____ T cells are those T cells that have never been exposed to the antigens to which they are inherently programmed to respond. Clue: innocent

16. Pu-erh teas have been shown to possess many health benefits, perhaps _____ all other teas. Clue: going beyond

17. Among other healing properities, Pu-erh is believed to protect the human body from ___ and from infection. Clue: the medical condition leading to adverse health and a reduced life expectancy

18. NK cells are natural ______. Clue: slang for things “awesome”


1. The publication Nature found insulinlike growth factor 2 (IGF2) significantly enhances memory and prevents

1. Pu-erh has been scientifically found to induce weight-loss, reduce obesity, fend against cancer, protect kidney function, and possibly to ward off metabolic ___. Clue: symptoms that occur together

2. Many biomedical studies show that Puerh tea has multiple bioactivities including the reduction of blood lipids and ___, body fat. Clue: “What’s your _____?” is a phrase used to assess the health of family/friends

3. In the villages of Yunnan’s famous Meng Hai tea _____, a special variety of tea known as Pu-erh is grown. Clue: enormously massive hills

4. In China, when giving a “visiting” gift, it is appropriate to find something the family can use, for example, food or tea. In the U.S., bringing Pu-erh as a gift could be seen as a loving gesture because of its ___ properties. Clue: healing

5. Without sufficient naïve T cells, the body cannot adequately deal with the threat of new _____, which upon invading, increase susceptibility to infection, morbidity, and death. Clue: the “path” of some “GENerations” (metaphoric, but so obvious)

7. In China people often give “_____” gifts in honor of the time together. Clue: spending time with others

8. Yunann is especially rich in natural resources and has the largest ____ of plant life in China, including the Indian bison, a giant forest-dwelling ox, tigers and the Asian elephant. Clue: variety

10. Infectious diseases, malignancies, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders are major causes of _____ and mortality in the aged population. Clue: the state of disease

11. An agent, like Pu-erh, that can reverse immunodeficiency and _____ chronic inflammation in the elderly is much to be desired. Clue: opposite of increase

14. Accumulating studies show that ___ is not only manifested as immune deficiency, but by chronic inflammation as well. Clue: the inevitable condition that savvy people confront with education, nutrients, and wise health choices

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