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2. Our November 2012 issue identified a clear relationship with new ____ and nerve growth factor (NGF) levels. Clue: a feeling that connects us

5. Researchers have found that lithium causes the release of neurotrophic factors that induce neurons to repair themselves and ____. Clue: what you didn’t want your waist to do after the holidays

6. Studies suggest that lithium has moderating _____ on suicidal and violent criminal behavior at levels that may be encountered in municial water supplies. Clue: results

8. Exposure to high amounts of ____ causes neuroapoptosis (brain-cell suicide) in the developing brain. Clue: a depressant drug

9. A neurosurgical procedure in the prefrontal cortex, a form of psychosurgery is known as a _____. Clue: a controversial brain operation used to correct behavior disorders

10. _______ has long been used as a mood stabilizer in the treatment of manic depression. Clue: the chemical element of atomic number 3

11. Researchers said that a higher uptake of lithium through _____ water is associated with an improvement of psychological well-being. Clue: rhymes with sinking

12. Vichy Water from ____ contains 3.5 mg of lithium per liter according to Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw’s findings. Clue: a country known for its food, wine and its current 75% income tax rate


1. Lithium carbonate operates as a mood enhancer in the treatment of manic ____ disorder. Clue: severe despondency and dejection (adj.)

3. A 2011 study found that the _____ rate was considerably lower in those municipalities with more lithium in the drinking water. Clue: death

4. There is a multitude of recent evidence of lithium-mediated protection against ethanol ___ and potential underlying mechanisms. Clue: brain poison

5. In another study, long-term lithium treatment was associated with increased ___-matter. Clue: The color you want to increase in your brain and decrease in your hair

7. In the self-administered mood test questionnaires, the lithium group increased steadily in ____ mood test scores specifically in reflecting happiness. Clue: although life is hard sometimes, you learn a lot if you can be _____

12. Lithium is a brain ____ with extraordinary properties. Clue: rhymes with mood

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