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Volume 15 No. 8 • December 2012

EPA Economy Ratings on Cars

Based on Fraud —Another Government Lie

Columnist Jonathan Welsh, the The Wall Street Journal’s automobile expert, answered a question concerning how the EPA determines their gasoline mileage figures in the July 18, 2012 issue of The Wall Street Journal, P. D4:

Q: “I have always wondered if the EPA numbers shown on cars include the effect of ethanol. Articles have said that ethanol reduces gas mileage about 8% to 10%. I had a 2010 vehicle (Nissan Rogue) which never came close to the EPA numbers, so I traded it for a 2012 Jeep Patriot. After a limited number of miles, it had the same problem —about 8% to 10% below EPA number.”

A: “EPA fuel-economy ratings are based on non-ethanol gasoline, which leads to confusion since ethanol is mixed into fuel in so many regions that consumers tend to forget about it. In most cases that is the reason why so many drivers find their fuel economy disappointing.”

So, there you have it. Just another bum steer from the EPA, which not only lies about the fuel mileage to expect from your car but is the agency that mandates the addition of ethanol to gasoline in the first place. There’s an agency we’d like to fire. Getting rid of the EPA? Why … why … what would happen to polar bears if we did that? (The EPA wouldn’t lie about polar bears, right?)

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