Gardening With Arginine

urk's backyard garden is beginning to bloom. There are grape hyacinth, tulips, lilacs, daffodils, and sunflowers. The roses are budding and the spirea and peach trees are flowering. The honey suckle vines will soon bloom. The bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are beginning to arrive.

Durk recently planted over a dozen new trees, including quaking aspens and willows. It involved preparing a lot of soil after digging a dozen deep holes. Perhaps "back" yard is a good name for the garden, since it involved a lot of back-breaking digging. But Durk was ready for it. Our arginine supplement contains nutrients that may help you build muscles when you exercise - especially the nutrient amino acid arginine and the nutrients choline and vitamin B5. But these nutrients also help your muscles to recover when you have been doing a lot of heavy work, such as digging holes for planting trees. Without the drink mix, Durk says, his back would have been aching for days after this latest digging job. Instead, there was much less ache on the digging days than he would have experienced without it, and none of the otherwise expected aching for days afterward.

Durk says, "It's a lot more fun to garden when you can just anticipate your beautiful new plants instead of days of back ache."

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