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3. Another important process (of sleep) involves the creation of new adult-born neurons, called ____, that allow two (known) critical brain areas to continue to produce neurons throughout life. Clue: The word that describes the spectacular idea that neurons can replicate themselves

4. REM sleep is sometimes called _____ sleep. Clue: Seemingly contradictory statement that may be true

5. The reactivation associated with day naps is called ____ and may be essential to the preservation of memories in longterm storage. Clue: To go over an action or memory—sometimes to change its meaning, get more information or even change its impact

6. Melatonin is known to have effects on ___ rhythms and immune function and to have antioxidative and neuroprotective properties. Clue: Recurring naturally on a twenty-four-hour cycle, even in the absence of light

9. Under conditions of sleeping freely, both daytime sleep propensity and the maximal capacity for sleep are reduced in older subjects, implying that older subjects may be more likely to experience _____ or other sleep problems. Clue: The disorder that students feign when they stay up all night and don’t keep a promise

12. Clinical evidence and sleep-loss studies have identified physiological ___ between the circadian clock and immune stem. Clue: Creative behavior requires this kind of synchronistic brain activity

13. One of the natural substances that is involved in the induction and maintenance of sleep includes acetylcholine which is responsible for the muscle ___ during REM. Clue: Decreased or absent muscle tone

14. Only you can detect how well you slept by how you feel and perform when you wake up, and later during the day. That’s a pretty reliable test for good quality sleep. It also has the great advantage of not requiring you to wait for the FDA to approve anything! Clue: Who said this? Many anti-aging professionals call them the spark and brains of the Life Extension movement

15. A major result of sleep is now known to be a process of re-experiencing memories and or restoring them into long-term ___. Clue: A dumping /holding ground for things that don’t fit into your house, your conscious mind, or your computer.

16. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about dozing off in daytime or after a meal because daytime naps contribute to synaptic ____. Clue: The neuro­phenomenon of reorganization and change in the brain


1. Notably, repeated ____ of activity patterns evoked during learning [when awake] have been observed during slow wave sleep both in rats and humans. Clue: Restore (something) to a state of activity or bring back into action.

2. Disruption of circadian rhythms can result in memory ___. Clue: A word associated with our current government’s economy

4. The 2011 Lau et al. daytime nap study suggests that sleep—even as brief as a nap—facilitates the reorganization of discrete memory traces into flexible relational memory networks resulting in improved learning ___. Clue: You want to have a good one in activities that mean something to you

7. Curiously, prostaglandin D2 has been identified as a potent inducer of sleep but is also the prostaglandin released by ____ that causes flushing. Clue: B3

8. Sleep is no longer considered a ___ resting state, but rather an active brain state essential for neuronal plasticity. Clue: In the psychological world, this personality descriptor is the opposite of aggressive

10. No one substance can perform the very ____ task of helping you to have a more refreshing nap or night’s sleep. Clue: An NO “no brainer”

11. “… sleep is no longer considered a passive resting state, but rather an active brain state essential for ______ plasticity.” Clue: A nerve cell with a talent for sending and receiving signals; adj.

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