Are Supplements Worthless or Dangerous?

Q I watched the Dr. Oz program on TV when he had Dr. David Agus on the show. Dr. Agus just wrote a book titled The End of Illness, in which he claims that taking vitamins is useless and can cause cancer. Is there any truth to what he says?

I have been a customer of Life Enhancement for many years and I would like to know your opinion about his claims. If true, this is very frightening because I have taken vitamins, particularly Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw’s formulations, for many years.

Agus is saying that I have been destroying my health all these years, and at a high cost. Please respond.

KEITH, Empire, OH

Dear Keith,

A I have not read Dr. Agus’ book, nor seen Dr. Oz’s TV show (although my patients often ask me about topics that have been covered by Dr. Oz). One must consider Dr. Agus’ background. He is an oncologist—a Board Certified member of the “poison of the month club.” That alone should give you an idea of where he’s coming from. Among his distorted beliefs, in addition to discouraging the use of vitamins and dietary supplements, Dr. Agus advises against juicing, and encourages everyone to receive their flu vaccinations and booster shots.

I strongly disagree with many of Dr. Agus’ recommendations and beliefs for a variety of reasons. He is obviously misinformed, and has been badly misled by his “mainstream” sources. I believe that a more reliable source of health-related information designed to promote good health and long life can be obtained by adhering to the incisive and well-referenced recommendations of researchers and authors like Will Block and Durk & Sandy.

Ward Dean, M.D.

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