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1. In the final ___, there were 89 deaths altogether, with 33 in the galantamine group and 56 in the placebo group, a 70% difference. Clue: detailed examination

3. In this study, galantamine was associated with a significantly lower mortality rate and a significantly slower decline in ___ and activities of daily living. Clue: mental activity

8. As person who pursues a long life with high cognitively fitness, this study will surely be recieved with “______” hope. Clue: intellectually informed

12. A benchmark of sinking into Alzheimer’s disease is a ___ in selfcare. For the placebo group, these results were significantly worse than for the galantamine group. Clue: to make smaller or less

14. The multicenter study was very ____. It was conducted at 127 sites in 13 countries and was a double-blind placebo-controlled study involving 2225 patients. Clue: big

15. A Data Safety Monitoring Board recommended early ___ of the study owing to an imbalance of deaths between the two groups. Clue: end

16. In this long-term study, the death rate was significantly lower for those taking galantamine versus those taking a ____.Clue: a substance that has no therapeutic effect


2. The galantamine used in this study was a ___ drug, but galantamine is initially plant derived. Clue: substance made by chemical processes, especially to imitate a natural product

4. The study ___ that galantamine was saving lives, so it was unethical to continue giving the placebo, when galantamine was so much more beneficial. Clue: showed

5. The multicenter galantamine study showed a remarkable difference in the death rate among a large patient group suffering from mild to moderately severe ____ disease. Clue: the leading cause of dementia

6. Galantamine has been shown to be _____ for the mind but this new study strongly indicates its positive influence on the body as well. Clue: a good thing

7. Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disease and is often referred to as “normal aging” by the ___ medical community. Clue: following tradition

9. When a study is ended before schedule, this is called an ______ trial termination. Clue: morally good

10. The galantamine group initially received 8 mg of galantamine daily, increasng to 16–24 mg daily during the first 12 weeks. Thereafter, patients were ___ on 16–24 mg daily. Clue: kept

11. There was a significantly lower ___ rate in patients who were treated with galantamine. Clue: death

13. The death rate was 3.1 percent for galantamine ___ 4.9 percent for placebo. Clue: as opposed to

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