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3. The Mayo Clinic study provides strong evidence for carnitine’s benefits in heart health and represents the largest, most powerful scientific review of carnitine’s heart benefits to date. Clue: relating to the heart and blood vessels

6. Carnitine provides fuel for mitochondria thereby producing _____. Clue: power

7. In those who have suffered heart attacks _____ significantly reduces all-cause mortality. Clue: a compound biosynthesized from amino acids lysine and methionine

8. In the journal of Mayo ____ Proceedings, it is indicated that L-carnitine is helpful for heart disease. Clue: a health center

9. Dr. Stanley Hazan’s study suggesting a move toward veganism, reduced meat, egg, and fish consumption, and with dietary supplements has many _____ in meeting the criteria for good science. Clue: faults

11. Faults connected with Dr. Hazen’s study include basing some conclusions on one person, including questionable causal ____, and not stating the quality of the subjects’ immumne systems. Clue: link

12. The carnitines exert a substantial antioxidant action, thus providing a protective effect against ____ peroxidation. Clue: fatty acids

13. Carnitine decreases post-heart attack ____ by a whopping 90%. Clue: opposite of life

14. Alan Gaby, M.D. (an associate of Jonathan Wright, M.D.) wrote that the ___ carnitine study “only became significant when they used ‘less stringent’ (i.e., mathematically inappropriate) criteria.” Clue: opposite of positive

15. The Mayo Clinic publication specifically tested carnitine on hard outcomes in humans who had ___ experienced a heart attack. Clue: previously


1. Carnitine is manufactured by the human body and also occurs in various animal foods, particularly red ____. Clue: the food that vegetarians look down upon

2. Finally, in a randomized controlled trial, those who took carnitine shortly after suffering a heart attack had a 90 percent decrease in mortality over the next 12 months, compared with people who did not receive carnitine. True or False?

4. The Mayo study also found carnitine was associated with a highly significant reduction in ____ arrhythmias and anginal attacks (chest pain due to ischemia of the heart muscle) following a heart attack. Clue: the pumping chamber of the heart

5. The Mayo Study found that carnitine was associated with significant ___ in death from all causes. Clue: to make or become smaller (n.)

9. Meats containing omega-6 are better for you than meats containing omega-3’s. True or False?

10. The effects of lipid peroxidation on the skin are referred to as brown ___ by the lay person. Clue: rhymes with “hots”

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