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Attack of the Hydrogen Eaters
by Dr. Joyce Block

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4. Pearson & Shaw hypothesize that he depletion of hydrogen from the gut by the methanogens leads to an increased risk of ___ by reducing the availability of hydrogen in the bloodstream and in atherosclerotic plaques, where it would otherwise protect against oxidative stress (as in the oxidation of LDL). Clue: a disease of the arteries

6. One plausible way to combat hydrogen ___ could be to increase consumption of prebiotic soluble fibers that enable hydrogen producing gut bacteria to make more hydrogen. Clue: reduction

9. Life Enhancement formulator, scientist, and author who appeared in Wall Street Journal, Omni, Penthouse, Playgirl, Forbes, Newsweek, People, US Weekly, Fit, The American Druggist, PSA Magazine, Longevity, Men’s Journal, as well as magazines in France, Germany, and Japan. Clue: a woman of intellectual accuity and power

10. Methanogens deplete hydrogen produced in the gut, thus reducing the hydrogen available for diffusion into body tissues to provide ____ against oxidative stress. Clue: preventing harm

11. TEST YOUR MEMORY: Reduced supplies of hydrogen are associated with what source of health risks? A) oxidative stress, B) loss of iron, or C) dehydration Clue: bending a horseshoe is ___ful to the bender and the shoe

12. TEST YOUR MEMORY: If you are a dog, cat, or fox, you should be very careful to get enough of what in your diet: A) chlorine, B) antidepressants, C) taurine Clue: related to bull

13. Biofilms are complex constructs highly___ to immune attack as compared to solitary circulating bacteria Clue: invulnerable to

15. TEST YOUR MEMORY: Methanogens residing in periodontal plaques could be responsible for A) bad breath (because of the methane they excrete), B) tooth decay, C) establishing colonies in atherosclerotic plaques, or D) all of the above. Clue: use the first word in your answer rather than the letter itself

16. TEST YOUR MEMORY: Having pop quizzes as part of a lecture may help improve your A) ability to learn the material, B) ability to play SCRABBLE, or C) ability to experience refreshing naps during the lecture. Clue: test your own memory of how you A'ced an exam


1. TEST YOUR MEMORY: Joe the methanogen goes to the store. Is he shopping for A) hydrogen, B) oxygen, or C) methane? Clue: Available at the beginning of time

2. Hypothesis: Methanogen bacteria are responsible for Increased risk of ___disease associated with phoshatidylcholine and Its metabolites (Choline TMAO) Clue: relating to the heart and blood vessels

3. The authors have increased their intake of their prebiotic ___(designed to provide food for hydrogen producers in the human gut) to three servings a day. Clue: a supplement mix

5. Which author of this article worked on the manned aerospace programs from Project Gemini to the Space Shuttle, has patents in the area of oil shale and tar sands recovery, lasers, holography, supplement formulations. Clue: the taller one

7. Hydrogen available for diffusion into body tissues provides protection against ___stress. Clue: reactive oxygen species this

8. A prebiotic and a probiotic are the same? True or False

14. It has been noted that fermentable fibers may produce small increases in breath methane in methane-producing subjects. True or false?

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