Suggestion for NAC Eyedrops

Dear Sir:

After using your NAC-containing eye drops for several months, my vision improved from 20/200 to 20/30. But a 10-day interruption caused my vision to revert back to 20/200 (both eyes about the same).

That led me to consent to cataract surgery.

Allow me to urge you to replace NAC by a similar compound which should stick longer to the eye lens. The “A” in NAC stands for “acetyl.” If acetyl is replaced by “Propionyl” or “butyryl” (or even “beta-hydroxy-butyryl”), the longer chain should extend the duration of time that the compound acted upon the lens. Yes, clinical studies would take time, but probably no more than five years. Perhaps NIH would even fund the studies (including the synthesis of the compounds).

With best wishes,

G.C., Ph.D.

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